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 · The General Mining Law also provides a process to ''patent'' mining claims, through which the federal government grants the claim holder fee title (full private ownership) to the mineral property.

Title 30

of this title are based on sections of the Revised Statutes which are derived from act May 10, 1872, ch. 152, 17 Stat. 91, popularly known as the ``General Mining Act of 1872''''. TITLE 30--MINERAL LANDS AND MINING CHAPTER 2--MINERAL LANDS AND REGULATIONS IN GENERAL Sec. 23. Length of claims on veins or lodes

Ohio Administrative Code, Chapter 1501:14-2, Section 1501 ...

Ohio Administrative Code, 1501:14 - Division of Mineral Resources Management - Industrial Mineral, Chapter 1501:14-2 - Mine Safety, Section 1501:14-2-04 - Requirements governing the reporting and investigation of accidents for surface mining operations that are inspected by MSHA


Requirements Applicable to Surface Mineral Mining Code of ia - Title 45.1 - Chapter 14.6 Rights of Owners of Land Adjacent to Mineral Mines Code of ia - Title 45.1 - Chapter 14.7:1 Mineral Mining Refuse Piles, Water and Silt Retaining Damns Code of ia - Title 45.1 - Chapter 18.1 Regulations


relinquishment to United States in certain cases of reserved mineral rights: RCW 79.11.220. sales and leases, reservation in contract: RCW 79.11.210. Public utilities, gas, electrical and water companies: Chapter 80.28 RCW. Supervisor of industrial safety and health: RCW 43.22.040.

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On January 12, 2005, the government of British Columbia implemented Mineral Titles Online (MTO), British Columbia''s internet-based electronic mineral titles administration system incorporating digital registration of titles and documents with electronic commerce.: If you are a new user, this section will provide an overview of the mineral titles system under MTO, as well as required ...

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concerning minerals, mineral rights, and mineral development operations. The goal of ... estates are severable and different owners may thus hold title to separate and distinct ... particularly attractive to mining companies because of the existence of a remarkably

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The Mining Cadastre Portal provides an e-Government platform for all stakeholders in the mineral sector to engage directly with the MDD. The aim of the Portal is to ensure international standards of transparency with an emphasis on improving the ease of doing business in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The Portal is open for registrations for existing ...

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Fundamentals of Mining Law and Mining Title Opinions. John C. Lacy, Joseph J. Perkins, Jr., Nuts and Bolts of Mineral Title Examination (2012) A. Purpose of this paper. The purpose of this paper is to provide simultaneously both an introduction to federal mining law and an introduction to mining title opinions. The authors believe that there ...

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Additionally, U.S. laws regulating mining and mineral rights typically prohibit the mineral owner from damaging or interfering with the use of any homes or other improvements on the land when extracting minerals. As a result, mineral owners do not typically attempt mineral …

Definition of mining title

Definition of mining title A claim, exclusive prospecting license, concession, right, or lease. A grant under laws and mining regulations to a person or group of approved persons of the right to develop and exploit a properly delineated area for its mineral wealth.


 · One of the most important aspects of your mining operations is to know that you have certainty of title and access. Benefit from working with a team that understands the intricacies you face in obtaining and maintaining valid rights to access, explore and produce mineral and mining resources.

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We represent precious metals, hard rock, energy, industrial, and critical mineral producers with operations and properties throughout the US and the world. No matter where the mining project is located, we have the industry savvy, experience, and local contacts to assist. Exploration. Due diligence; Title examination; Land and mineral rights ...

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 · The Mining and Minerals Act (2007) defines the Nigerian Mining Cadastral Office (MCO) as an autonomous body administering mining titles with integrity and in a transparent manner on a "first come, first served" basis.

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 · An overview of legal and practical considerations surrounding mining rights and title in Mexico, including the extent of state control, renewal and transfer of licences, and protection of rights.

U.S. Code, Available Online, 1952, U.S. Code: Title 30 ...

United States Code: Mining Claims on Lands Subject to Mineral Leasing Laws, 30 U.S.C. §§ 501-505 (Suppl. 2 1952). Contributor: U.S. Congress Date: 1952


Mining is the extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials from the Earth, usually from an ore body, lode, vein, seam, reef, or placer deposit.These deposits form a mineralized commodity that is of economic interest to the miner. Ores recovered by mining include metals, coal, oil shale, gemstones, limestone, chalk, dimension stone, rock salt, potash, gravel, and clay.

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 · The Code of Federal Regulations Title 30 contains the codified United States Federal laws and regulations that are in effect as of the date of the publication pertaining to U.S. mineral resources, including: coal mining and mine safety; surface mining, fracking and reclamation; offshore oil, gas and supphur drilling, safety, oil spills response; minerals leasing and revenues from public lands ...

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Without a clear mineral title, an owner may be prevented from leasing mineral rights, receiving royalties, extracting the minerals, selling their interests, or obtaining compensation from production. When a quiet title action can be used. The law provides several ways to remedy situations in which a title is unclear.

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Mineral Titles. The Mineral Titles Branch administers the legislation governing the acquisition, exploration and development of mineral, placer mineral, and coal rights in the Province. The Branch maintains the coal and mineral titles registries under the Mineral Tenure Act, Coal Act, and regulations under these Acts.

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Mineral Titles Online (MTO) provides details of mineral exploration and mining tenements throughout Western Australia. In addition customers have the ability to perform a large portion of their business transactions with the department''s Mineral Titles Division through the MTO system, as well as order, pay for and receive tenement title ...

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1.2.6 In case of a Mining right, Social and Labour Plan as well as empowerment documents. 1.2.7 Where a mining right has been obtained in respect of a Prospecting right in terms of section 19 (1) (b) of the Mineral and Petroleum Resources Development Act, 2002 as amended ( MPRDA ), the client''s copy of the prospecting right must be lodged for ...

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The Mineral Titles Act applies generally to the mining of all minerals other than certain prescribed substances. As under the repealed Mining Act, the Mineral Titles Act distinguishes between non-extractive minerals and extractive minerals, and deals with both substances separately.


 · One of the most important aspects of your mining operations is to know that you have certainty of title and access. Benefit from working with a team that understands the intricacies you face in obtaining and maintaining valid rights to access, explore and produce mineral and mining …


TITLE 30--MINERAL LANDS AND MINING CHAPTER 25--SURFACE MINING CONTROL AND RECLAMATION SUBCHAPTER I--STATEMENT OF FINDINGS AND POLICY Sec. 1201. Congressional findings The Congress finds and declares that-- (a) extraction of coal and other minerals from the earth can be accomplished by various methods of mining, including surface mining;

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 · Title Examination of Mineral Properties. Most title insurance policies except minerals, and it therefore generally is not possible for a lessor or purchaser of mining property or its lender to obtain title insurance. Instead, evidence of ownership is established through an attorney''s title opinion.

30 U.S. Code Chapter 2

§ 21. Mineral lands reserved § 21a. National mining and minerals policy; "minerals" defined; execution of policy under other authorized programs § 22. Lands open to purchase by citizens § 23. Length of claims on veins or lodes § 24. Proof of citizenship § 25. Affidavit of citizenship § 26. Locators'' rights of possession and enjoyment

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 · The title deeds to your property may be subject to mining leases given to colliery companies prior to the Coal Industry Nationalisation Act of …

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 · 3. Hire a title company. You need to research the chain of title to find out if your deed is accurate. By performing a title search, you can check if the mineral rights were sold off at some point in the past. To find a title search company, look in your phone book''s Yellow Pages.

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 · •A mining company will buy many mineral rights, even if mining the reserves is not currently profitable. A low-cost unproductive mining site may become profitable in the future based on advances in mining technology. ... Property and Mineral Rights Title Searches.

What Does Mines & Minerals Excluded Mean On My Title Deeds?

Such mines and mineral rights usually show on the title register as "excepted" and/or "reserved" to a third party. This limitation on a title does not necessarily mean that the third party then has the right to enter, break or damage the surface of your property if they wish to obtain the mines and minerals.

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The minerals on Federal lands are divided into three categories, each subject to different laws and regulations. Locatable, which are subject to the Mining Law of 1872, as amended, include gold, silver, copper and other hard rock minerals. Leasable minerals, such as coal and a host of other commodities, are subject to various Mineral Leasing Acts.

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 · The General Mining Law of 1872 (GML), 30 U.S.C. §§ 21–54, 611–615, as amended, is the principal law governing locatable minerals on federal lands. The GML affords US citizens the opportunity to explore for, discover and purchase certain valuable mineral deposits on federal lands open for mineral entry.


 · Mining in Aurora refers to the extraction of TN Minerals.Mining is the cornerstone of any Empire, whether single-planet or a thousand star systems. Without minerals, it is impossible to construct anything at all, so it is important to manage your mining correctly.. Minerals can be found on Asteroids, Comets, Moons, Gas Giants and Planets.

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Mining & Reclamation. Mineral Resources. Mineral Resources are an important part of New York. New York State is rich in minerals which are mined for industrial and construction uses. Sand and gravel mines are found throughout the state. Metal ores and gem minerals, such as garnet, are mined chiefly in mountainous regions.

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Mining and Mineral Policy of 1970. This law declares that it is the continuing policy of the federal government to foster and encourage private enterprise in the development of a stable domestic minerals industry and the orderly and economic development of domestic mineral resources. This act includes all minerals, including sand and gravel ...